About Us

FLAGGO! board game was invented by George Allen, George has travelled around the world, and lived in four continents. He is a colourful character and has worked as an artist, inventor, interior designer, and chef. His very wide experience and zest for travel helps to explain the worldwide scope of this exciting and dynamic new board game.The game has been manufactured to a very high quality by Hasbro.


This quality board game has a unique international flavour with exciting and unexpected twists and turns.


(1) Over 2,000 tantalizing questions
(2) Over 150 visual questions
(3) Wide selection of subjects covered including:-
Geography, History, Art, Sport, Architecture, Fauna, Flora, Music, Science, Literature, Modern Times
(4) An adventurous game requiring strategy, memory and luck

Bring the world and its wonders into your home with Flaggo, a brilliant game for all the family.